-New Pilates Clients-

All new clients must take 5 private sessions before moving into a group. Pilates is very complex and it is essential that we take the time needed to learn the fundamentals so that you can excel in a group setting. Your first class is free and  your 4 remaining classes are at the regular private rate.

Private Pilates Class


A private class is a one on one class tailored exactly to your needs. Whether you have an injury and need rehabilitation or you want to meet your fitness goals fast and effectively, a private personalized session is for you.

Private Duet Class


A duet class is much like the private, except you are working along side one other person. The pace stays consistant and the exercise program stays general, not specifically tailored to either client. You can invite a friend or family member to work with you, or if available you can be paired with a fellow client of Studio six.