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Studio Six – A professional Pilates Auburn Ca studio passionate about bringing people to their full potential with the use of the Pilates Method. With the body’s core being the number one focus in Pilates, Studio Six is diligent to teach the proper technique and use of the core muscles, producing dramatic results in ones posture and overall health and confidence.

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What is Pilates? And why should I try it?

Originally developed as a strengthening program in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates, this mind-body workout and way of life uses six main principles: (hence the name of the studio)

Concentration          Precision

Control              Flow

Centering            Breath

After decades of being enjoyed only by the elite, the mainstream exercise community caught up with Pilates principles in 1980. Now it has evolved into many fitness settings for its gentle yet challenging workout.

Pilates is performed on a mat and/or special machines created by Joseph Pilates. The equipment, which has also progressed over time, utilizes resistance from the participants body weight. Practicing the carefully controlled positions and form on the equipment helps improve alignment, core strength, flexibility, body motion and awareness, and overall tones and strengthens the entire body.

The continuous rhythmic movements of Pilates mixed with proper breathing and correct alignment help you become more sensitive to how your body feels. This heightened awareness will give you better control of your posture, daily and
functional tasks, sports and recreational activities. With a strong emphasis on breath control, Pilates helps you perform movements with peak performance and efficiency as well.

Regardless of age, fitness level or athletic background, Pilates is a safe and effective exercise regimen when its tailored for individual needs, taught correctly and closely supervised by a trained Pilates instructor.

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